Sneak in to not so known Packaging Engineering

Packaging Engineering
Yes, Packaging engineering is something that not many have heard of but is an important aspect of almost every product that you buy or sell. This is considered a niche area with a question from everyone.
“What does a Packaging Engineer do?” Or “Is it difficult to be a packaging engineer?”
By the end of this article, I will try to make sure everyone understands what a packaging engineer does.

So, how did this start? And what is this Packaging engineering?

Five years ago, a curious kid who had recently graduated, entered corporate and found this packaging domain. With months passing, I found this to be interesting, and then there was no stopping. Exploringthis field that is so much unrecognized but is, the backbone of the system was profound.
Packaging is an engineering specialization that involves a systems-oriented means of preparing and distributing goods of all types. Packaging is responsible for several fundamental functions as well as having broad reach and wide impact beyond the consumer’s immediate purchase. It is a much more complex system than most consumers (and many producers) realize and requires skills drawn from all facets of engineering. For that reason, the integration of concepts is essential.
Packaging engineers play an important role in companies of all sizes in nearly every market, from consumer goods and industrial products. Today, nearly every product or material is transported and sold in packages. It’s no wonder packaging engineers are so vital to the success of a company and its products.

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