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At Orbit & Skyline, we are unwavering in our dedication to delivering comprehensive OEM-level services, aimed at empowering our customers to extend the manufacturing lifetime of their tools. We understand the value of prompt solutions and the importance of upholding quality standards. With a commitment to continuity in spares requirements, we address obsolescence challenges through reengineering or provide refurbish and repair solutions. We maintain a robust mechanism to monitor the life expectancy of high-risk parts, ensuring early notifications for potential obsolescence issues. Our support extends to customer requests for Continuous Improvement Plans (CIPs) and upgrades, complemented by best-in-class software support to efficiently meet diverse needs. Trust us to safeguard the longevity and performance of your legacy tools. Key Service Offerings:

OB Engineering

Custom engineering solutions to optimize your legacy tool performance.


Spare Support

Ensuring the availability of critical spares to prevent downtime.



Expert refurbishment services to revitalize aging equipment.


Software Support

Comprehensive support for legacy software systems.


Global Product Support

Unmatched global support to maintain and enhance product performance.



Continuous Improvement Plans and upgrades to keep your tools up to date.

Is managing and extending the lifespan of your legacy tools becoming a daunting task, with potential obsolescence issues and downtime concerns on the horizon? Orbit & Skyline’s Legacy Tool Management service is your solution. We excel in ensuring the seamless availability of critical spares, tackling obsolescence challenges through reengineering, and providing expert refurbishment and repair solutions. Let’s partner to extend the lifetime of your equipment and ensure consistent performance.

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At Orbit & Skyline, our commitment to excellence is exemplified through our OEM-level services that prioritize customer satisfaction. We specialize in supporting new tools and services sales, helping you free up resources to focus on your highest revenue opportunities. Our expertise extends beyond traditional offerings, as we assist you in transitioning to sustainable business models and securing long-term royalty revenue through product life extension. Key Capabilities and USP:

High Value Services

Our low-cost region operations deliver high-value services, optimizing your ROI.


Resource Deployment

We deploy significantly higher resources than OEMs, ensuring comprehensive support.


Business Sustainability

With declining IB, we help you sustain and thrive in the semiconductor industry.


OB Solutions Expertise

We possess deep expertise across all commodities in the OB Solutions landscape.

Wafer Fab Leverage

Our wafer fab expertise enhances customer support, repair, and software services.

OEM Alignment

Our services are always aligned with OEM interests, ensuring seamless integration and support.

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