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At Orbit & Skyline, our expertise in semiconductor equipment spares extends to a global scale, ensuring your fab operations run seamlessly. Our Global Supply Chain Management boasts:

Supplier Compliance

We adhere to stringent standards, ensuring the reliability and quality of every component sourced.

Supply Chain Management

Our robust system guarantees the availability of both consumables and non-consumables, optimizing your manufacturing workflow.

Quality Management Services

With a commitment to quality, we ensure that every component in our supply chain meets the highest industry standards.

Operations Optimization

Our dedicated focus on critical raw materials, such as gases, chemicals, and wafers, enhances fab efficiency and overall productivity.

Supplier Compliance

Our deep experience in Technology industry enables us with expertise in various organization and association supplier requirements where we can assist in the process of evaluating suppliers compliance and gaps to provide closed loop corrective actions. Compliance Programs for Change Control, Conflict Materials Compliance, Obsolescence, Contracts, Diversity etc.

Industry Requirements

We offer several solutions in Supply chain management that covers the entire lifecycle of Supply chain management. “In the Technology industry where complex supply chains are complex and multi-tiered”, we collaborate with our Customers to create unique solutions which enable ability to respond to supply interruptions, cost increases, and demand shifts.
We closely collaborate with our customers to create a global team that can drive Suppliers in delivering

Quality Management

We offer a broad range of Quality management Services, that include both Supply Chain Quality as well as Corporate Quality requirements.
We bring technical and program management expertise to support in pre-, mid-, and post-production environments at any point in the global supply chain

Part qualification & functional quality management

Global First Article Process Owner for a Major OEM managing hundreds of Suppliers. Highly skilled Quality assurance engineers qualifying Parts for Suppliers. Developing CMM Inspections for Complex designs that complete Onsite inspections Centralized Team in India qualifying parts from global Suppliers. Remote Quality assurance support during US graveyard shift.
Orbit & Skyline offers end to end solutions of parts management systems to support global customers. Our spare parts management team ensure that critical spare parts are always ready for use and supplied within the guaranteed delivery time.

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