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At Orbit & Skyline Semiconductor, we bring unrivaled expertise to the heart of your supply chain. Our services are the cornerstone of a seamlessly orchestrated supply chain, ensuring quality, operational efficiency, and corporate excellence. Orbit & Skyline brings expertise to every phase, ensuring your supply chain is a strategic asset, not a liability. Partner with us for a smarter, more efficient semiconductor supply chain.

Supplier Development

Navigate the complexities with our robust Supplier Development process — from meticulous Sourcing & Capacity Planning to expert Commercial Negotiation and Risk Management. We ensure a strategic approach at every step, fostering partnerships that fuel innovation and reliability.


Lead Time Management

In the fast-paced semiconductor realm, Lead Time is the heartbeat. Orbit & Skyline specializes in managing shortages, crystallizing delivery commitments, and crafting Purchase Order strategies. Stay ahead in the race with streamlined processes and proactive lead time strategies.

Delivery Excellence

Precision matters. Orbit & Skyline champions On-Time Delivery Management, fortified by Risk Reduction Programs and astute Capacity Management. Rely on us to optimize your delivery pipeline, ensuring consistent, reliable, and efficient performance in every project.

Experience a new echelon of Supplier Chain Management with Orbit & Skyline

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Industry Requirements Covered

  • End-to-end Supply Chain Lifecycle Management
  • Tailored Solutions for the Technology Sector
  • Collaboration for Responsive Strategies

Key Customer Benefits

  • 24×7 Coverage Ensuring Timely Responses
  • Effective and Efficient Solutions
  • Rapid Solutions at a Cost-Effective Scale

Customer-Centric Collaboration

  • Global Team Formation for Supplier Management
  • Strategies for Commodity and Sourcing
  • Escalation Management for Uninterrupted Operations
  • Purchasing and Customer Service Excellence for Machine Down Scenarios
  • Commodity Localization Initiatives

Are you grappling with challenges in your semiconductor supply chain, struggling to optimize costs, or facing disruptions in your sourcing strategies?

Navigating the intricacies of semiconductor supply chains demands a partner with a proven track record. Our expertise lies in tailored solutions for optimal sourcing, adept management of alternate supply chain strategies, and a consistent track record in executing successful cost reduction projects. Additionally, our excellence in procurement and contract management ensures efficiency and reliability. Partner with us to transform your challenges into strategic opportunities, ensuring a resilient and efficient semiconductor supply chain. Let’s talk solutions.

Supply Chain Operation


At Orbit & Skyline, our Global Customer Support Team is committed to delivering world-class support across the globe with 24×7 availability for immediate assistance and rapid responses to customer inquiries.


The core of our operatioons lies in a centralized US-based warehouse, seamlissly integrated into an ERP network, ensuring smooth parts movement worldwide.


Our efficient inventory control approach includes Demand Forecasting, Safety Stock, Regular Audits and Technology Integration. This enhances profitability and customer.


Demonstrating our steadfast commitment to quality, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability through our expansive global supplier network.


Managing Supply chain operation through 3PL provider to optimize distribution, leveraging their expertise and resources for efficiency and ensuring end-to-end supply chain management.


Dedicated team to support customers 24/7 and supplier management. Our business process is integrated with the SAP, ERP system to enhance real-time visibility

Seamless Operations, Uninterrupted Excellence

Elevate Your Semiconductor Experience with Our Comprehensive Spare and Raw Material Support.

In the dynamic realm of semiconductor manufacturing, Orbit & Skyline stands as your end-to-end solution provider for spare and raw material support. With an experienced Order Management Team ensuring supply chain efficiency, an advanced SAP-B1 ERP system managing inventory, and strategically located warehouses, we guarantee timely access to critical spare parts. Our logistics support, including freight, customs clearance, and documentation, ensures a hassle-free experience. From semiconductor equipment spare parts to procurement services for manufacturing materials, we’re your dedicated partner for uninterrupted operations.

Quality Management

Quality Assurance


Faster Time-to-market


Cost Savings

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