Semiconductor Fab Solutions

The next stage of digital transformation, known as Industry 4.0, is being driven by semiconductors, which are the cornerstone of contemporary electronics. Semiconductors manufacturing is very complex and technology-intensive sector involving huge capital investments, high risk, long gestation and payback periods, and rapid changes in technology, which require significant and sustained investments

At Orbit & Skyline we provide turnkey solution with technological collaboration with various 200mm and 300mm fabs which include site selection, IP transfer, fab build, facility build, tool hook up, installation, qualification, integration and yield improvement

Semiconductor Eco System

EDA Companies

Equipment Suppliers

Orbit & Skyline Engagment

Component Suppliers
PCB, IC, Passive

Fabless Design
Create IP & Design

SI & Compound Fab

Quality & Reliability

Test & Packages SI/Comppound

System Integration
PCB & System Assy

Tire 1-2
Assemble Electronics & Subsystem

OEM Product
Market Product to End User

IP Providers

Raw material
Wafers. Chemical, Gasses, Targets

Equipment Supplier
SMT & Test



Equipment Engineering

Process Engineering

Yield Improvement

Device & Integration

Failure Analysis

Chemical Lab


Comprehensive Semiconductor Fab Turnkey Solutions

Orbit & Skyline is a leading semiconductor services provider with a strong and seasoned team of experienced engineers. We deliver innovation and value in a wide range of semiconductor industry services ranging from mechanical, electrical, and software engineering services for our OEM clients to supply chain and on-site tool technology and tool startup, maintenance, and process services for our semiconductor fab customers.

Our client list boasts of prestigious IC chip manufacturers and OEM spread over USA, Asia, Middle East and Europe. With our wide range of services, Orbit & Skyline improves ROI, operational efficiency, and provides competitive advantage to our clients.

Semiconductor Fab Solutions