An Insane Work Ethic

Work ethic is a set of standards of behavior and beliefs that drives our attitude towards what is and what is not acceptable.It depends on our personal views, motivation, social, organizational, and cultural set-up. It’s a value based on the hard work and diligence and strengthens the belief in the moral benefit of work and its ability to enhance character.
A strong work ethic is an attitude that indicates high level of passion forany work we do.
A weak work ethic, on other hands reflects lack of ambition and professionalism.

Why a strong work ethic is important?

“You can’t have a million-dollar dream on a minimum wage work ethic”

Today’s business environment is complex. To maintain the pace or rather stay ahead of the game and achieve a successful career we need to have an insane work ethic along with the hard work and talent.
A positive work ethic is important as it breeds in confidence and trust among the peers, organization, customers, etc. To understand further the relationship between performance, trust or work ethics, let’s review the below ‘performance vs trust’ matrix explained by famous leadership coach Simon Sinek. This has been implemented and rigorously followedat US Navy Seal and has got a great significance in almost all the organizations today.

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