ISPEC 2024

Empowering India’s Semiconductor and Packaging Future: ISPEC 2024 Unites Global Leaders for Transformative Collaboration
Driving India’s Semiconductor Ambitions: A Transformative Journey Begins
ispec 2024

Inaugural Ceremony

The 1st India Semiconductor and Packaging Ecosystem Conference (ISPEC) commenced its proceedings on February 29th, 2024, in Mohali, India, with Dr. Rao Tummala and other distinguished members of IESA officiating the inauguration ceremony.
Supported by ISM, SCL, IESA, IEEE Packaging Society, and ISSE, ISPEC aimed to drive India’s semiconductor, packaging, and systems research ambitions for sustainable design-led manufacturing.

Purpose of Conference

With India’s semiconductor manufacturing propelled by a $10 billion incentive from ISM, ISPEC focuses on fostering a comprehensive ecosystem from design to manufacturing and workforce development.
The conference aimed to cultivate global-level R&D and workforce development partnerships with international industry and academic leaders, establishing an Industry-Academic consortium for next-gen semiconductor, packaging, and systems in India.

Technical Focus

ISPEC concentrated on strategic R&D in integrated semiconductors and systems packaging for emerging sectors like computing, AI, 6G communications, electric cars, IoT, and medical electronics.
It emphasized education, skill development, and global industry partnerships spanning system design, 3D architectures, predictive modeling, thermal management, and integration into 3D chiplet logic-memory modules and other advanced technologies.


The conference attracted global R&D, supply-chain, and manufacturing leaders from the US, Europe, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.
It brought together industry executives, technical leaders, and faculty and students from India and abroad, totaling about 300 attendees.

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Event Sessions:

day 1

Inauguration & Plenary

The event kicked off with an inaugural ceremony followed by insightful plenary sessions discussing the future of India’s semiconductor and packaging industry.
day 2


Day two focused on strategic R&D discussions, exploring cutting-edge technologies and innovations in semiconductors and packaging.
day 3

Workforce Development & Infrastructure

The final day highlighted workforce development initiatives and infrastructure discussions crucial for India’s semiconductor ecosystem.

Global Supply Chain Session

A dedicated session focused on strengthening global supply chain partnerships to drive India’s semiconductor manufacturing capabilities. ISPEC 2024 stands as a beacon of India’s commitment to excellence in semiconductor and packaging, paving the way for transformative advancements and sustainable growth in the industry.