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Orbit Skyline is a leading semiconductor services provider with a strong and seasoned team of experienced engineers. We deliver innovation and value in a wide range of semiconductor industry services ranging from mechanical, electrical, and software engineering services for our OEM clients to supply chain and on-site tool technology and tool startup, maintenance, and process services for our semiconductor fab customers. Our client list boasts of prestigious IC chip manufacturers and OEM spread over USA, Asia, Middle East and Europe. With our wide range of services, Orbit Skyline improves ROI, operational efficiency, and provides competitive advantage to our clients.

Comprehensive Semiconductor
Fab Turnkey Solutions

Delivering innovation & value in a wide
range of semiconductor industry

‘Orbit Skyline Semiconductor Services’ is focused on providing differential solutions to the semiconductor IC manufacturers 

and OEM’s globally. We deliver end-to-end high-quality solutions and believe in 

solving customers high value problems.

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CIP/Upgrades Orbit Skyline team is focused on providing critical CIPs...


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