Orbit & Skyline specializes in providing unique and feature-rich solutions that improve the ROI for semiconductor Fabs and tool OEM manufacturers. Our turnkey fab solutions cater to the customized needs of our clients in both CMOS and Compound semiconductor manufacturing. By collaborating with leading 200mm and 300mm Fabs globally, and major American tool OEM we support the production of semiconductors, powering modern technologies. Choose Orbit & Skyline as your trusted partner, and let us help you achieve success in enabling semiconductor manufacturing in India.


Mission & Vision

Orbit & Skyline aims to be a global leader in providing comprehensive semiconductor manufacturing services. We strive to empower our clients by delivering customized turnkey fab solutions, OEM engineering expertise, and comprehensive support throughout the product lifecycle. Furthermore, we are accelerating the development of the semiconductor ecosystem in India.

SemiconIndia 2023

Catalyzing India’s Semiconductor Manufacturing

SemiconIndia2023, event held in Gujarat! We are delighted to have been a part of this exciting exhibition, showcasing our expertise at the Orbit and Skyline booth. During the event, we had the pleasure of engaging with inquisitive students who were eager to learn about the semiconductor industry. It was truly rewarding to share our knowledge and insights with them. Moreover, SemiconIndia2023 provided an excellent platform for us to hold numerous fruitful business meetings with companies interested in collaboration.

The enthusiasm and interest from potential partners reaffirmed the bright future of the semiconductor sector. The presence of esteemed guests, including Shri Narendra Modi ji, Chief Minister of Gujarat, and representatives from MEITY, added prestige to the conference. We were honored to meet and discuss our company’s vision with some of these distinguished ministers. Over the course of six eventful days, our booth saw a constant stream of students, investors, and industry enthusiasts keen to grasp a deeper understanding of the semiconductor world. This overwhelming response is a testament to the growing significance of this industry. 

Shri Narendra Modi ji’s inspiring speech filled us with hope and confidence, as we foresee the semiconductor industry reaching new heights in the times to come. This event provided us with an incredible opportunity to connect, learn, and contribute to the dynamic landscape of the semiconductor sector. We are excited about the prospects ahead and look forward to shaping a brighter future in this rapidly advancing industry.

Customers​ & Partners


Greenfield Fab

At Orbit & Skyline, we specialize in offering
comprehensive turnkey solutions for semiconductor fabs. Our services encompass various stages of the fab lifecycle, including fab acquisitions, new fab site selection and design, technology sourcing and transfer, fab cleanroom and facility build, tool selection and sourcing, tool installation and acceptance, process setup, process integration and qualification, yield enhancement, and fab sustaining. With our expertise and end-to-end support, we assist clients in establishing and optimizing their semiconductor fabs, ensuring efficient operand sustained success in the industry.

Semiconductor Fab

Orbit & Skyline is a trusted semiconductor
services provider, offering a comprehensive range of services to leading global semiconductor fabs. With a highly skilled team of experienced engineers, we deliver innovative solutions, added value, and a competitive advantage to our clients, resulting in improved ROI and operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Service Package (CSP)

We offer a comprehensive Service Package (CSP) tailored to the complex needs of IC manufacturers. Through partnerships with prominent Fabs,we focus on enhancing operational efficiency, productivity, and processes. Our CSP includes solution accelerators to address challenges, such as improving quality and reducing costs, and offers services like equipment experts, parts,Engineering, software support,repair and refurbishment, and process consultancy. Our goal is to empower Fabs to thrive in a competitive landscape by providing tailored strategies and innovative solutions that optimize their operations.


At Orbit & Skyline, our team of experienced
international engineers from Singapore, US,
and Taiwan brings deep process expertise and a global perspective to offer comprehensive fab engineering solutions. With tool ownership, process engineering, and a focus on maximizing equipment performance, we deliver top-notch services for smooth fab operations and yield improvement in both CMOS and III-V processes.

Semiconductor Design

At Orbit & Skyline, our custom analog IC design flow involves selecting a process technology, performing simulations, creating layouts, and engaging with foundries, with a focus on PDK installation and absorption for seamless integration of process-specific libraries and design rules. We offer end-to-end services to deliver high-quality custom IC designs to our clients.

Semiconductor Tool Management

Orbit & Skyline is dedicated to delivering
comprehensive OEM-level services aimed at helping our customers extend the manufacturing lifetime of their tools. With a focus on prompt solutions and unwavering commitment to quality standards, we strive to provide continuity to spares requirements, tackling obsolescence challenges through reengineering or offering refurbish/repair solutions. We maintain a robust mechanism to monitor the life expectancy of high-risk parts, ensuring early notifications for potential obsolescence issues. Additionally, we support customer requests for CIPs/upgrades and offer best-in-class software support to meet diverse needs efficiently.

Global Supply Chain

At Orbit & Skyline, we specialize in providing a diverse selection of semiconductor equipment spares to ensure seamless operations within semiconductor fabs. Leveraging our robust supply chain management, we guarantee the availability of consumables and non-consumables. Our efficient procurement services extend to a wide range of semiconductor manufacturing-related items. Moreover, we are dedicated to delivering a dependable supply of critical raw materials, including gases, chemicals, and wafers, to optimize fab efficiency and productivity.

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