Our Services

Greenfield Fab Solutions

At Orbit & Skyline, we specialize in offering
comprehensive turnkey solutions for semiconductor fabs.

Semiconductor Fab Solutions

Orbit & Skyline is a trusted semiconductor
services provider, offering a comprehensive range of services to leading global semiconductor fabs. 

Comprehensive Service Package (CSP)

We offer a comprehensive Service Package (CSP) tailored to the complex needs of IC manufacturers. Through partnerships with prominent Fabs,we focus on enhancing operational efficiency, productivity, and processes.


At Orbit & Skyline, our team of experienced
international engineers from Singapore, US, and Taiwan brings deep process expertise and a global perspective to offer comprehensive fab engineering solutions. 

Semiconductor Design
At Orbit & Skyline, our custom analog IC design flow involves selecting a process technology, performing simulations, creating layouts, and engaging with foundries, with a focus on PDK installation and absorption for seamless integration of process-specific libraries and design rules. We offer end-to-end services to deliver high-quality custom IC designs to our clients.
Semiconductor Tool Management
Orbit & Skyline is dedicated to delivering comprehensive OEM-level services aimed at helping our customers extend the manufacturing lifetime of their tools. With a focus on prompt solutions and unwavering commitment to quality standards, we strive to provide continuity to spares requirements, tackling obsolescence challenges through reengineering or offering refurbish/repair solutions.