GDS tape-out and foundry engagement

Ensuring effective interaction with the foundry is crucial for comprehending PDK and other process requirements. Achieving first-pass success in custom analog design necessitates a deep understanding of the foundry’s imposed PDK and design rule requirements. During tapeout, designers must grasp the specific database details and GDS information essential for the mask-making process, and our experienced experts can guide customers through these steps, ensuring a smooth and successful tapeout process.
  • Seamless GDS tape-out services ensure compliance with foundry requirements
  • Expert team facilitates communication and timely feedback with foundries
  • Minimizes risks with layout optimization

Technology selection and PDK absorption

We provide services tailored to streamline technology selection and PDK (Process Design Kit) setup. Our expert team can guide you through intricate process of choosing right technology for your project and ensuring a seamless PDK integration.

Technology Selection:

  • Choose semiconductor manufacturing process.
  • Consider feature size, performance, power, and cost.

PDK Absorption for CMOS IC Design:

  • Integrate Process Design Kit (PDK) from foundry.
  • Includes device models, layout rules, process parameters.
  • Enables accurate simulation and layout within chosen technology.