Process Integration Engineer

No of Position: 1 Experience:Minimum 5-10 Years Location:Others

Orbit & Skyline is looking forward to onboarding an experienced Integration Process Engineer. The candidate should have an extensive understanding of semiconductor wafer fabrication plants with deep understanding of CMOS wafer fabrication processes. He will need to work independently with customers, understanding their problems and delivery of efficient solutions

Job Responsibilities:

1.Good experience in semiconductor wafer fabrication plants with deep understanding of CMOS wafer fabrication processes.
2. Respond to situations where first-line product support has failed to isolate or fix problems in malfunctioning equipment. Reports design, reliability and maintenance problems or bugs to design engineering
3. Working with engineers to develop recommendations and prepare changes, additions, and modifications, which will improve the fabrication process and yield.
4.Lead and drive multifunctional teams for driving improvement in process.
5. Clearly set goals and expectations for specific teams/groups/ owners to encourage specific actions in timely manner.
6. Highlight exceptions and provide alerts when problems occur, communicate progress and success, and provide a common interface for inter-department works and collaboration for solving issues related to yield.

7.Automate and sustain yield report, covering critical yield matrixes and correlation of top bin failures for main/critical products with inline defect performances for the devices.
8.Enhance/develop/improve critical trend monitoring (possibly using JMP journal/scripts to add tool/chamber level connect in the future) and use these inline trends to better predict the yield performance.
9. Support additional analysis needs (systematic and automated ways), including Hi-Lo Yield concepts to inline controls. This work will enhance current yield modelling and prediction capability.
10. Prepare technical brief for management and customer, as needed.
11. In addition to the above experience the candidate needs to have general fab experience which includes
a. Intimate knowledge and experience with semiconductor wafer fabrication processes
b. Sound understanding of MOSFET, Diodes, Capacitors and CMOS process related electrical parameters.
c. Analysis of process deviations and troubleshooting in Production and implement the learning’s for Yield improvement activities.
d. Process characterization and optimization using DOE methodology.
e. DOE knowledge – Ability to design experiments that meet Design of Experiments standards.
f. Ability to work effectively with customers & suppliers.
g. Good customer interface and communication skills
h. Strong fundamental engineering knowledge and the ability to apply it.
i. Good process troubleshooting skills, in coordination with process, Device and equipment team.
j. Ability to learn quickly, in both process and module.
k. Experience or training in statistical process control (SPC) and related tools, software
l. The ability to work independently and in groups to resolve equipment, process, and integration related problems.
m. A detailed understanding of semiconductor physics applied chemistry, and processing requirements.
n. Knowledge of FEOL & BEOL processes & integration is desirable.
o. Having Knowledge of integration & device will be added advantage.
p. Excellent written and oral communication skills
q. Highly self-motivated, and able to work on numerous issues simultaneously, and change focus quickly if needed.
r. A willingness and ability to accept responsibility for project completion, project delegation and follow-up.
s. Innovative problem-solving skills and Strong multi-tasking skills
t. Ability to train others, ability to establish standard workflow and operating instruction is highly preferred.
u. Reliable candidate with integrity work ethic and data driven-decision making is preferred

Eligibility Criteria:

1.As an Integration Engineer, the candidate will support Fab operations by monitoring Electrical and Integration modules for both 200mm/300mm fabs.
2. Candidate will understand, analyze, Improve, and fix process issues that customer reports.
3. In addition, you will support the customer with testing, experimentation, and overall process development and improvement.
4. Candidates need to collect, document, and analyze data from testing, experiments, or projects conducted in fab, as well as monitor, analyze, and address SPC issues for the process on a daily basis.
5. Candidate must be a motivated team player with good work ethic and time-management skills. Along with having the ability to learn quickly, you are also expected to train other engineers. It is also essential you have the ability to work with minimal supervision and have strong communication and analytical problem-solving skills.
6. Candidate must have the ability to keep fellow engineers motivated to work and complete the tasks in time.