Dry Etch Process Engineer

No of Position: 1 Experience:Minimum 5-10 Years Location:Others

Orbit & Skyline is looking forward to onboarding an experienced Dry Etch Process Engineer. The candidate should have an extensive understanding of Etch Mechanism and Dry Etch tools. He will need to work independently with customers, understanding their problems and delivery of efficient solutions.

Job Responsibilities:

1.End point detection and set up a robust end point algorithm.
2. Understand productivity concerns in the process set up – Right chemistry, WAC – MTBC
3. Experience with problem solving methodology.
4. Experience with chamber matching challenges and strategic mitigations
5. Familiar with Lam DA software and data crunching
6. Worked with JMP or any other big data analysis software.

Eligibility Criteria:

1.Minimum 5 Years of experience in Etch. Understand the etch mechanisms, Plasma, passivation, Resist budgets, selectivity.
2. 5-10 Years experience in setting up process in Alliance Systems and 2300 systems (Metal, Dielectric

Conductor) 9600PTX, 9400DFM, Exelan HPT, Kiyo, Versys Metal, Flex
3. Willing to relocate to India.
4.Good interpersonal, Analytical skills.
5. Operational Excellence and Problem Solving.