Green field FAB solutions

Green Field Projects Support

The next stage of digital transformation, known as Industry 4.0, is being driven by semiconductors, which are the cornerstone of contemporary electronics. Semiconductors manufacturing is very complex and technology-intensive sector involving huge capital investments, high risk, long gestation and payback periods, and rapid changes in technology, which require significant and sustained investments.

At Orbit & Skyline, we specialize in offering comprehensive turnkey solutions for semiconductor fabs. Our services encompass various stages of the fab lifecycle, including fab acquisitions, new fab site selection and design, technology sourcing and transfer, fab cleanroom and facility build, tool selection and sourcing, tool installation and acceptance, process setup, process integration and qualification, yield enhancement, and fab sustaining. With our expertise and end-to-end support, we assist clients in establishing and optimizing their semiconductor fabs, ensuring efficient operand sustained success in the industry.