Facility Management

Manufacturing facilities for microelectronics products are among the most specialized on earth. As technology continues to advance, manufacturing conditions must be on the cutting edge to meet tight requirements, robust device reliability, and growing product volumes. Proper facility management goes well beyond general operations maintenance and simple safety protocols.
This includes managing the storage and supply of specialized chemicals and gasses, as well as site design, equipment installation, and operation. Facility management for these high-tech industries requires a combination of smart automation and deep learning that only comes from decades of experience.
Maintaining a pure atmosphere, where the concentration of airborne particles, temperature, humidity, and pressure are tightly managed, can make the difference between success and failure. Environmental health and safety (EHS) must come first. As a result, EHS planning must be integrated into the design phase and comprise hazard assessments, work instructions, safety standards, and employee training.

At Orbit & Skyline, smart manufacturing refers to more than just artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data. Our teams put a lifetime of deep learning to work for you, offering the technical and operational experience required to manage a wide variety of chemical, specialty, and bulk gas supply systems in microelectronic facilities worldwide.

Our facility management specialists are knowledgeable about the procedures and able to tailor a range of total chemical management (TCM) and total chemical and gas management (TCGM) services to satisfy practical needs.

Facility Build & Operation

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