EDA Flow Selection

Setting up and installing IC design EDA software often poses challenges due to system compatibility issues, hardware requirements, and software dependencies. Ensuring proper licensing and configuring complex toolchains for seamless integration can be time-consuming. Additionally, troubleshooting installation errors and resolving conflicts with existing software environments demand technical expertise. Choosing the right EDA flow for IC design is crucial because it:
  • Optimize workflow and tool integration
  • Ensures compatibility with chosen technology and PDK
  • Maximizes performance, accuracy, and efficiency
  • Manage cost and licensing effectively
  • Access to support and training resources

Server & Infrastructure setup

VLSI design necessitates expertise in both EDA tools and hardware, in addition to design skills, enabling seamless creation of innovative IC designs. Due to the sophistication and resource intensity of EDA software, the hardware infrastructure, including servers and storage, must meet unique requirements. We offer consultancy services to interested customers looking to establish their own VLSI design centers. Leveraging significant experience and partnerships with major VLSI EDA vendors, we can assist customers in setting up a customized EDA design flow tailored to their specific requirements.