Core Values

Honesty & Integrity

Inducing trust and confidence by telling the truth and not withholding lies.

Mutual Trust & Respect

Exhibiting complete esteem and confidence for the honour of a person despite their position.

Ownership & Accountability

Consistently keeping your end of the bargain and taking responsibility for it.

Core Values

Exceeding Customer

Delivering the finest to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Think: Customer,
Company, Individual​

Think, Act and Deliver for the customer hence gratifying the company and your own self.

Teamwork & Open

Effective collaboration and communication leading to greater outcomes.

Orbit & Skyline lives to create solutions for our customer that will enhance their success. Our core values are foundational to how we work and enables us to do the best for our customers. At ORBIT & SKYLINE we adhere to “we do what we say we will do” philosophy.