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Orbit & Skyline

Semiconductor technology is not only central to our global economy, but also at the heart of everything—laptop computers, noise-cancelling earbuds, smartphones, data centers, and the high-speed networks and multimedia tools that enable video conferencing to help businesses and schools stay connected. As technology transformation continues to accelerate, it is abundantly clear that the world’s reliance on semiconductors will only further increase.
At Orbit & Skyline, we offer our clients unique and feature-rich solutions for semiconductor device manufacturing and tool OEM manufacturers. Our turnkey fab solutions for both CMOS and Compound semiconductor manufacturing are designed to cater to the customized needs of our clients. We collaborate with significant semiconductor OEMs and 200mm and 300mm Fabs to support the production of semiconductors, the tiny chips that enable modern technologies.

We are more than just a service provider; our focus on execution excellence continues to be our top operating objective. We provide a wide range of services to our customers, including Semiconductor Fab turnkey solutions, OEM engineering, global support and supply chain partnerships, and Legacy product lifetime extension. We develop close partnerships with our customers and drive to create sustainable value for our customers. We enable our customers to develop technologies and systems by employing one of the most diverse workforces of cutting-edge engineers and technologists in the semiconductor industry.


Today, Orbit & Skyline provide services to our global customers with headquarters in Mohali India. We have offices in CA US, Middle East, Singapore, Taiwan, Ireland and many other cities.