How Generative AI Accelerator Chips are Transforming Semiconductors


The semiconductor industry, the bedrock of modern technology, is on the cusp of a fundamental shift. While the traditional focus has been on faster, smaller, and more efficient chips for processing information, a new wave of innovation is poised to unlock entirely new possibilities: generative AI accelerator chips.

Smart Manufacturing 2024: Why We Need More Assembly & Test Capacity


The demand for smart, connected devices is skyrocketing. From autonomous vehicles and intelligent appliances to industrial IoT sensors and AI-powered robots, the market is brimming with innovation. This growth translates into a surge in production needs, putting immense pressure on existing assembly and test facilities.

How 3D Printing Reshapes Semiconductor Tool Design


The relentless miniaturization of the semiconductor industry pushes the boundaries of innovation, demanding ever-greater precision and efficiency. Traditionally, intricate tools and specialized components have been sculpted from solid metal through laborious subtractive machining, a process inherently limited by material removal and design complexity.

Cleanroom Revolutionaries: How Cobots are Saving Time, Money, and Fingers


The relentless pace of innovation in the semiconductor industry demands efficiency and precision at every stage. Long gone are the days where brute force automation reigned supreme; the modern landscape calls for agile, adaptable solutions that can seamlessly integrate with both humans and equipment.

Legacy Tools: Ticking Timebombs in the Semiconductor Landscape


The unrelenting pace of innovation in the semiconductor industry can leave a trail of abandoned infrastructure – a graveyard of once-cutting-edge tools now deemed “legacy.” While these tools may continue to hum faithfully in the background, their age often renders them vulnerable to a different kind of threat: obsolescence and a shrinking supply chain.